This Week in Fiori (2014-36)

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When you write a series of weekly posts, you’re acutely aware of how fast the actual weeks fly by. And this last one was no exception. Lots of movement and activity in the SAP Fiori world … let’s get to it.

Introducing the New SuccessFactors UX based on SAP Fiori by Sam Yen This short video from Sam Yen, SAP’s Chief Design Officer, is worth watching, not least for the soundbites that help underline how important SAP Fiori is for SAP, and therefore for us as customers and partners. Here are a couple of them:

“Design has been named one of the five priorities of the entire company”

“Fiori is now the design direction for all of SAP’s solutions”

Clearly building the new SuccessFactors complete user experience upon SAP Fiori is a significant next step in this direction. Even if you’re not interested in any of the current SAP Fiori apps, be interested in SAP Fiori as a UX and UI technology. Not being interested is to miss out on one of the critical new generation platforms for enterprise apps in the SAP ecosphere.

Take Part in the SAP Fiori UX Design Challenge by Susanne Busemann Tomorrow sees the start of the OpenSAP course which I first mentioned in TWIF episode 2014-31 – the Introduction to SAP Fiori UX. As an optional part of this course, a design challenge has been set.

If you don’t know already, a large part of the philosophy behind SAP Fiori is about the UX, as distinct from the UI. The UX you get from SAP Fiori is powered by the UI that is provided by the tremendously capable UI5 toolkit (see The Essentials – SAPUI5, OpenUI5 and Fiori for more details on UI5 and its relationship with Fiori).

Even as a out and out developer, and primarily (or at least originally) a backend developer – a “data plumber”, I have found in my UI5 and Fiori development experience so far that prototyping the user experience is a important part of building great apps. So I’m happy to see that folks are encouraged to dip their toes in the design pool.

See you on the course!

My Personal Ux, Fiori, Portal, Cloud Cheat Sheet by Aviad Rivlin My friend and fellow SAP Mentor Aviad has appeared on TWIF before, specifically in TWIF 2014-30, talking about the SAP Fiori Launchpad and the SAP Portal of course. This time he’s back, with a nice little set of links to great resources relating to Fiori, Portal and the cloud. It’s a super combination and not a little fascinating, for reasons I’ve mentioned before – there’s a convergence of SAP Fiori’s Launchpad with the older SAP Portal concepts, which is not unexpected as both serve similar functions.

Aviad intends to update the blog posts with new links as and when appropriate, so it’s definitely worth bookmarking.

SAP Fiori Application Integration with SAP Enterprise Portal by Ido Fishler On the subject of SAP Fiori and SAP Portal, here’s another timely blog post on the SAP Community Network by Ido Fishler. He takes the reader through the steps required to get an SAP Fiori app integrated (via iView) into the SAP Enterprise Portal. Whether you’re running an SAP Portal or not, it’s definitely worth a read – the “exhaust-knowledge” alone is worth the price of a coffee for sure.

Well that’s all for now, folks. I’m off to document episode four of a rather exciting series I’m building on the subject of OpenUI5. Until next time, share and enjoy!