This Week in Fiori (2014-35)

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Hello and welcome to another episode in This Week in Fiori (TWIF) – for week 35, the last week in August already. This week it’s an all-SAP affair. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Catalog of SAP Fiori Apps by SAP This has recently started to appear on people’s radar, and is a nice resource for summarising all the apps available so far. There are a lot of apps listed, and according to a rough calculation it looks like 370 apps are now listed.

I guess one issue with this catalog page is that it doesn’t really scale, from a human readable perspective, and you don’t get a feel for where the majority of the apps lie. For that, I’d of course recommend my SAP Fiori App Analysis Tool that I mentioned in a previous TWIF episode (TWIF 2014-31). This tool lists the apps that were available at the time the tool was built (313 of them), and I need to get round to add the new apps to the database. Of course, perhaps if I found a few of the right shaped tuits I might attempt to parse the source of this Catalog page. Ideally, SAP would supply a machine readable dataset. Please?

Here’s my rough calculation, by the way :-)


SAP Fiori Subtrack at SAP TechEd & d-code by SAP The SAP TechEd conference season is starting soon and the excitement is building already. This year there’s a User Experience & User Interface Development track[^n]. Within this track there’s an SAP Fiori subtrack, which is great to see (although not unexpected!). Here’s a quick glance of the sessions in this subtrack in Berlin:


Mini CodeJams, Code Reviews, Lectures and Hands-on Workshops. There are not as many as I’d like, but it’s a good start. Perhaps I’ll see you there?

[^n]:Ironically the SAP TechEd && d-code site makes it very difficult for me as a user to use – following links within the Agenda Builder break fundamental browsing contracts and expectations, such as being unable to go back having selected a track or subtrack, for example. Bad UX at its best.

**Use Cases for Extending the UI of SAP Fiori Apps by Clement Selvaraj **One of the better (read: more comprehensive) PDF based documents to come out over the past few months, that has only just come to my attention, is this PDF-based detailed document on extending SAP Fiori apps. It takes a specific functional scenario (Report Quality Issue) and walks the reader through a series of extension use cases. These use cases cover the extension concepts (extension points and controller hooks), and as a nice by-product, give the reader insight into a little bit of how a real SAP Fiori app is put together under the covers. For example, it highlights the Sn views (S2.view.xml, S3.view.xml, and so on) which my colleague Brenton and I covered in our Understanding SAP Fiori Webinar a couple of months ago. See the accompanying video screencast “Understanding SAP Fiori” for more details.

Well that’s it for now, thanks for reading. I hope you’re enjoying this TWIF series … do please let me know if there’s any way I can make things better, I’d love to hear from you. Until next time, share & enjoy!