Successful double CodeJam in Wroclaw and Warsaw

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I'm at Warsaw airport on my journey home after a great few days in Poland. My first flight is already delayed so I have a bit of time at the gate to write up some notes.

I arrived in Wroclaw, in the west of Poland, on Sunday, and met up with my good friend, Developer Advocate colleague, local resident and fellow beer and food enthusiast Witalij Rudnicki, where we visited the 100 Bridges Brewery. What a great start!

Witalij and me at the Stu Mostow brewery


On the following day (Monday) I arrived at the Capgemini offices in Wroclaw, greeted by Dominik in a room that was perfect for a day of learning and networking. It was a full house, not surprising given the CodeJam topic, which was the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model ("CAP" to us humans). It's such a fascinating and very capable framework, built with love, enthusiasm and skill, which is evident in both its philosophy and its codebase.

If you're interested in checking out the content of the CAP CodeJam that I ran, it's available publicly (like all our other CodeJams) on GitHub: Service Integration with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model.

Wroclaw CodeJam participants

There were plenty of refreshments, including that classic developer fuel, pizza, which we devoured half way through the exercises.

Food at Capgemini in Wroclaw


The next day was a travel day, where Witalij drove us the almost 400km to Warsaw, in time to do a couple of cool things that evening. After checking into our respective hotels, we headed to the Apple Museum. Such a wonderful exhibition of Apple memorabilia, from a private collector, it was fascinating to look at everything from a replica of the original Apple I, through the classic Apple II range, and all the way through to today. I spotted an Apple III which is the computer that features in the super Hands-on SAP Dev stickers designed and produced by the great Ronnie Sletta.

Apple III and a Hands-on SAP Dev sticker

What made this an even better experience was that the museum was hosted inside a renovated factory from an older industrial era, and there were lots of factory artifacts preserved. Inside this factory was also a great beer place which was the location for an SAP Stammtisch that Witalij had also organised. Cheers!


And then the following day, we all met up at the KMD Poland offices for another CodeJam, on the same topic. Again, it was a full house, over a different but equally great room layout, and just like Wroclaw on Monday, the participants worked hard on the exercises, got to know each other, asked great questions and contributed valuable opinions too. The key ingredients to a successful CodeJam, I'd say.

Warsaw CodeJam participants

Wrapping up

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this trip for me was being looked after by Witalij. He showed me some great places, helped me find and experience some great food - traditional Polish food and indeed Georgian cuisine too. He even helped me find my way around both cities, and see some sights.

Georgian cuisine

If you're interested in hosting a CodeJam, head on over to this blog post: So, You Want to Host a CodeJam! Everything you need to know, and I'll perhaps see you at the next one!