Battlestation 2024

| 1 min read

On Lobsters there's a new 2024 thread on battlestations where folks share pics of their desk setups. So I thought I'd share a pic of mine.

current desk setup

It's in the office space on the narrowboat that you can see here near the centre of the cabin (from the post Working from a narrowboat - Internet connectivity):

narrowboat layout highlighting office space

My main work machine is a MacBook Air M2 from 2022, which is great. I'm running the Chromebook tablet (Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3) to monitor Docker containers (via a remote ssh-based context, in a similar way to how I set up remote access to Docker on my Synology NAS) and also I use it for controlling my live streams via YouTube Studio, where I can monitor the chat separate from my main display.

The space is perfect, and just behind the wooden bulkhead is the stove, so it's nice and warm here in the office as well as in the saloon and galley.