Equality in tech

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I support equality in tech, and so should you.

This should go without saying, but alas, we're not in an ideal world. Equality in tech should be the backbone, the basis, upon which we run our industry. But it's not.

I interact a lot on social media, I live stream too. And I haven't had a single occasion where I've been harrassed in any way. I'd like to think that this is because everyone is spellbound by what I have to say and what I'm showing. But it's not. It's because I'm male.

I've had the pleasure of watching some awesome folks streaming on Twitch and YouTube, and have witnessed them being harrassed. And guess what, all of the targets, on all of the occasions, are female. This is not a coincidence.

To those people thinking it's OK to make inappropriate comments, or worse, I say this: What is WRONG with you morons? It's not OK. Very not OK.

To those who already get it, great. Perhaps the next step is to think about loading time in favour of helping and encouraging girls and women in tech. I've been very lucky to have been able to do this in a teaching capacity over the years, especially with youngsters (see reading links below). But even simpler is to just help female tech folks level up by supporting them on social media, helping them to grow and be the role models for the next generation too. And also, I've suddenly grokked it that being vocal about this also helps.

I support equality in tech, and so should you.

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