Discovering SCP Workflow

| 2 min read

The SAP Cloud Platform Workflow service is a key component in the next generation of enterprise solutions - allowing us to coordinate processes and activities across cloud and on-premise systems. It's a relatively young service, and I thought it would be worth digging into it a little bit to learn more.

I've written a series of blog posts in my (old) space on the SAP Community; here's a quick list of them for reference. While they're hopefully digestible individually, they sort of follow a logical sequence, so if you have the time and inclination, you might want to read them in order.

Blog post series

Part 1: The Monitor - notes on the workflow monitor app that is part of the SAP Cloud Platform Workflow service.

Part 2: Instance Initiation - an exploration of the part of the SCP Workflow API that deals with workflow instances, looking at how we initiate a new workflow instance, and paying particular attention to how we request, and then use, a cross site request forgery (XSRF) token.

Part 3: Using Postman - an explanation of how I use Postman to explore the Workflow API, making the most of some of Postman’s great features.

Part 4: Service Proxy - the presentation of a small proxy service I wrote to handle the minutiae of initiating a new workflow instance.

Part 5: Workflow Definition - a look at the simple (beer recommendation) scenario I came up with to trial a workflow definition, and that workflow definition itself.

Part 6: User Tasks - an examination of user tasks within the wider context of workflow definitions, along with task UIs and how they fit into the context of the My Inbox app.

Part 7: Component Startup - an investigation into how a task UI starts up, where it gets the right data to display, and how it interacts with the My Inbox "host" app.

Part 8: Recommendation UI - a look at the specific task UI I wrote for the beer recommendation workflow.

Part 9: Script Tasks - a look at what they are, and how you can use them to manipulate the context of a workflow from within a running instance.

Part 10: Service Tasks - a brief excursion into calling other services from within a workflow, using the beer recommendation workflow scenario as an example.