F3C - A FunFunFunction Companion Series

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I came across a great YouTube video series on functional programming. It's by Mattias P Johansson ("MPJ" for short), whose YouTube channel is funfunfunction. Before you do anything else, including reading on, go over there and subscribe to his channel, the videos are excellent.

Back? Good. The series on functional programming is a playlist on MPJ's channel, called "Functional programming in JavaScript". I thought it might be a nice exercise to summarise each of the videos in a series of posts here, sort of like a companion guide (hence the name "F3C" - "FunFunFunction Companion").

I don't want to take away from the absolutely great videos themselves, you should watch them again and again. Rather, I wanted to try to present the key messages from each video in the series in posts over here. My intention is to keep the posts short (up to 500 words) and to the point, and perhaps include some code of my own.

This sounds to me like a good idea right now, perhaps it might not be such a good idea later on, we'll see.

(Warning: I interchange the words "array" and "list" in a reckless fashion throughout this series, as well as "object" and "map" (the type of data structure); don't worry though, treat them as the same things).

Oh, and if you're in the SAP developer ecosphere and attending SAP TechEd EMEA in Barcelona this year (08-10 Nov) - you might want to come along to my session DEV219: "Building More Stable Business Apps with Functional Techniques in JavaScript".

Part 1 - Higher-order functions

Part 2 - Map

Part 3 - Reduce basics

Part 4 - Reduce advanced

Part 5 - Closures

Part 6 - Currying

Part 7 - Recursion

Part 8 - Promises

Parts 9 & 10 - Functors