Speaking at Mastering SAP Technologies

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Next week I’m travelling to Johannesburg, to attend and speak at the Mastering SAP Technologies conference. It’s a great honour to have been invited, and I’m excited at the prospect of the topics covered in the agenda.

I’m continuing my journey spreading the word about Fiori and UI5. Last November I was in Sydney giving a locknote, a workshop and speaking at an executive lunch, at the SAP Architect & Developer Summit. A couple of weeks ago it was a short trip to Brussels to speak about OpenUI5 at FOSDEM, and now at Mastering SAP I have three slots. Here’s the description of each of them.

Keynote: Can I Build a Fiori App? Yes You Can!

Fiori is not just the new UX-focused, role-based application paradigm from SAP, it’s also a set of technical constraints coupled with a rich but finite set of design patterns for UI. Most importantly it’s made possible by certain parts of the SAPUI5 toolkit that were specifically built with Fiori in mind. (In fact, the first customers of the sap.m library in SAPUI5 were the SAP Fiori developers themselves). This session tells you what you need to know to build a Fiori app.

Tips & Tricks from the Trenches of a Fiori/UI5 Developer

Developing Fiori and UI5 apps with the UI5 toolkit is different than what you’re used to. Different generally because it’s HTML5 based, and different specifically because it’s UI5. Learn the tips and tricks that I use on a daily basis, and get to know how to drive, modify and extend Fiori/UI5 apps from the command line console of Chrome’s developer tools. Master UI5 debugging and maintenance from within the browser and get a step ahead.

Workshop: Building an SAP Fiori-like App From (Almost) Scratch – Hands On!

Starting from a skeleton app that has a structure but minimal content, and an OData or JSON data source, we build together a working Fiori app with SAPUI5. We cover bootstrapping the SAPUI5 toolkit, the Component-based approach to development, Model-View-Controller based development, XML views, navigation, data binding, model operations and more. This is similar to the Open Source Convention (OSCON) hands-on session I co-presented in Portland, June 2014, and the CD168 hands-on sessions I co-built & co-presented at SAP TechEd in 2013 (which were sold out / overbooked many times).

Perhaps I’ll see some of you there. In any case, share & enjoy!