This Week in Fiori (2014-28)

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SAP Fiori App Analysis tool

Already a week has passed since my first post in this series and the Fiori related content is increasing. A lot of that is technical, as folks get to grips with the configuration and development mechanisms that underpin Fiori. Perhaps I’ll have a technical “This Week in Fiori” (TWIF) post next time, but for now, here are some more articles, along with some observations.

**SAP Fiori Brings Out Four Tools To Improve User Experience by Steve Anderson **The thing that struck me about this article is that the tools that Steve writes about – rapid deployment solutions, proof of concept services, and design thinking – implicitly underline the fact that User Experience (UX) has really arrived in the SAP world of enterprise software. UX has stopped just being a natural by-product of application design, as it might be when dynpro-oriented applications are built with a transactional focus; it’s now an explicit and important part of the overall process.

**SAP Fiori UX – Apps Overview with Screenshots by Oliver Lehmann **This is a link to a great PDF-based resource containing details of the current SAP Fiori applications, of which there are over 300 (313 to be precise – see the “Webinar & More: Understanding SAP Fiori” link below). With the organisation by Line of Business (LoB) category, and role, and plenty of screenshots, it’s extremely useful as a visual reference, especially if you haven’t seen may of the SAP Fiori apps in action yet.

**SAP Fiori Design Guidelines **Talking of great resources, one not to miss is this set of (beta) design guidelines for Fiori from SAP. I spent 6 months working as a member of the core UI5 team at SAP Walldorf in 2013/2014 and in my time there I really got to appreciate the tremendous passion, the effort and the attention to detail that the design and development teams have and exhibit on a daily basis. A lot of this detail, essential in making the SAP Fiori UX what it is today, has been collated and made available in a very easy to follow guidelines. As we move from “SAP Fiori” to “Fiori” and start to build our own apps, these guidelines will play an important role.

Webinar & More: Understanding SAP Fiori by me A few weeks ago, Brenton O’Callaghan and I hosted a public Bluefin Solutions webinar “Understanding SAP Fiori” which was very well attended and fun to do. I wrote up some details in a followup post here, which you may find interesting. In particular, I’d like to draw your attention to a couple of things: there’s the SAP Fiori App Analysis tool that I wrote (itself a Fiori style app) which helps you explore the details of the currently available SAP Fiori apps, all 313 of them; it’s accompanied by a short explanatory video too. Then there’s all the stuff that Brenton and I didn’t manage to cover, in particular a deep dive into some of the details of an SAP Fiori application’s architecture. We recorded this as a sort of “Director’s Cut” video “Understanding SAP Fiori” as a follow on to the webinar itself.

So that’s it for this week, until next time – share & enjoy!