2nd coffeeshop REST/HTTP screencast

| 1 min read

To follow on from the first coffeeshop demo screencast, I thought I’d make another. This time it’s to highlight the fact that coffeeshop is fundamentally a REST-orientated, HTTP-based pubsub application at the core, and not just a web-based application. Hopefully this comes across through the use of command-line HTTP tools to manipulate Channel, Subscriber and Message resources.

This time, the coffeeshop instance I’m using is one running on Google’s App Engine cloud infrastructure — on appspot.com.


In the screencast, I also make use of Jeff Lindsay‘s great Postbin tool for creating the recipient resources for the Subscribers. It was originally created to help debug Webhooks, but of course, a Subscriber is a sort of Webhook as well. (Postbin runs on App Engine too!).