Hawo's Queen of Grain Mills

| 1 min read


I’ve been baking bread now for quite a while now. The bread baking bug first got ahold of me when visiting friends. They had a bread making machine – something that you put all the basic ingredients into, hit a button, and presto. Naturally we bought one soon after, and I was, well, "hooked".

But sometime last year I decided there was too much plastic and electronics between me and the bread, and started making it by hand. Just the ingredients, a bowl, time, Radio 4, and me. What a difference. It’s become my number one way to relax – especially after a session at the keyboard. I love making bread. All sorts. And I also love not going to to the bakers to buy bread. It’s a nano-step closer to self-sufficiency. And a very rewarding one.

So this Christmas I progressed backwards even more. I received a fantastic present – a grain mill – Hawo’s Queen 1 model. Beautifully simple and rock solid. The millstones are corundum, 10cm in diameter.

Hawo Queen 1 grain mill

As well as giving you the total health benefit that only freshly milled wheat (and other grain) can, milling your own on a loaf-by-loaf basis is fun, and gives me my daily fix for the simpler things in life. I guess the next step is to grow my own. I’m just not sure I have the space!