A new year and a new approach

| 1 min read

Well, after a rather long pause, I have found my way back to the keyboard. More and more Real Life started intervening during winter and I had less and less time around “here”. Not that I’m complaining, it’s been very pleasant (reading and daydreaming through The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency, recommended to me by Piers, and spending lots of time in the kitchen and garden, mostly).

Anyway, I wanted to start out on a fresher, less cluttered approach to the weblog mechanism. So here it is. I’ll probably add things to it gradually over the weeks and months, but I thought I’d go back to basics and remind myself of how simple HTML, HTTP and URIs can be. I also wanted to get away from the problem of trying to fit everything onto one page. Add to that the fact that I’m no great artist (my main diagram medium at work is still ASCII art lines and boxes) and I’m actually more comfortable with this simple layout compared to the previous one. Funnily enough, it looks like Mark has been redesigning and simplifying too.

I’m using the 0+6i beta 2 version of Blosxom, with the anticipation of moving to 0+7i when it’s ready. (It’s not unlikely that I’ve broken things in this rejig – please let me know if I have – thanks!)