Tiki parser for MoinMoin

| 1 min read

Tim Appnel recently created TikiText, a Wiki-like markup language for which Rael recently created a Blosxom plugin. While theoretically interesting, I wasn’t sure how I’d get to know and be able to practise the new markup, as support for it exists currently only in an experimental Perl module to parse and format text that you supply to it.

I’m a keen user of the Python-based MoinMoin wiki (especially at work, where we manage our internal documentation and work collaboration with it), and the ‘natural environment’ for a wiki-like markup language is … in a Wiki. So I decided to mix up a bit of glue; I stuck Tim’s Perl Text::Tiki module into the Python MoinMoin wiki mechanism by writing a very quick and dirty parser, tiki.py. Now I can practice the TikiText markup in my favourite Wiki environment; all I need to do is use a

#format tiki

declaration at the top of a Wiki page to have the glue kick in.

You can see it in action in the demowiki, specifically the TikiTest page. Have a look at the source (with the EditText link) to see the TikiText format.