Blosxom 2.0 Beta1

| 1 min read

My favourite blogging software just got better.

Congratulations to Rael in releasing the plugin-enabled 2.0 Beta1 of Blosxom. I dropped it into my cgi-bin directory, tweaked a few things, and it worked like a dream.

One of the plugins available already is RSS 1.0 plugin, which I’m now using to generate RSS 1.0 – see the Syndication page for details. This means I can stop using the old XSLT-based mechanism. Another is the Foreshortened plugin which I’m also using to have a short description generated for thetag, while the entire content of the post goes into the content:encoded/ tag from the RSSContent Module.

One thing that strikes me as interesting is the angle in the plugin documentation which encourages plugin developers to respect the Zen of Blosxom and keep its users and platforms (Linux, OS-X and MSWindows) in mind when developing. It’s a refreshing and positive call for simplicity.