Content-Type and Blosxom's RSS

| 1 min read

Agreeing with Sam on what content-type should be used for the weblog’s feed (basically it should be whatever you specify in your link tag for that feed), last night I changed the appropriate Blosxom template file, content_type.rss, so that “application/rss+xml” would be sent out with the Content-Type header accompanying the RSS XML.

Unfortunately it broke the feed, in that none of the content was being entity-escaped (escaping of entities in RSS is of course a whole different story which I’ll leave for now). Blosxom decides whether to do entity-escaping if the content-type is “text/xml”. So I made a quick fix to the check, so that the content of any flavour whose content-type was anything ending in “Wxml” would be entity-escaped.

Funnily enough, I was only recently talking about link rel=’…’ tags in Presentations, Wikis, and Site Navigation last night.

So apologies for those people whose readers may have choked on unescaped content for the past few hours from this site.