Wisdom, diplomacy, or serendipity?

| 1 min read

allconsuming.net has a SOAP interface. Nice and easy to call and use.

But for those (including me) who (also) have a REST bent, there is also a tip-o’-the-hat style flavour that has interesting possibilities. The (readonly) methods are also available as URLs like this:




where the methods are “GetHourlyList()” (hourly=1) and “GetFriends()” (friends=1) respectively.

While the actual data returned in the message body is clearly Data::Dumpered output of the data structure that would be returned in the SOAP response, a slight change on the server side to produce the data in ‘original’ XML form would be very useful indeed for pipeline-style applications, perhaps.

Erik is using these URLs to show readers examples of response output. But I bet the potential diplomacy wasn’t lost on him.