A new learning source for shell scripting

| 1 min read

Recently I discovered Mr Rob (and yes, I'll admit, it took me a day or so to realise the significance of 'rwx' in his website, and names on Twitch and YouTube). He has lots of experience and teaches directly and also indirectly, which appeals to me.

The range of subjects is wide, and breadth of discussions wider, and it's very terminal centric, which I like.

I've been inspired to level up my shell scripting game, not least by watching what he does and reading what he's written. To that end I've created a small new blog where I'll add posts as and when I get the chance. The blog is 'Autodidactics' and is a play on a phrase that Rob used in a reply to me on Twitter the other day.

I've made a small start with Using exec to jump, but that's also the point. The things I see, and that grab my attention and help me improve my knowledge, are small. One of the keys to continuous improvement and learning is adding to one's knowledge base one small gem at a time.