New podcast - Tech Aloud

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I've created a new podcast called "Tech Aloud", where I read out loud tech articles and blog posts, so you can consume them while on the go.

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There's such a rich seam of material out there to read and learn from that it's more or less impossible to keep up. Technical articles and blog posts are published day in day out, and I can only find time to read so many. I'd been thinking that if I could find a podcast where articles and blog posts are simply read out, aloud, I could digest a little more via audio while on the move, when travelling or even just going for a walk.

I couldn't find such a podcast, so I decided to start one myself. It's called "Tech Aloud" and is hosted on Anchor FM. It's already available in many of the podcast systems:

If you want to add it to your own podcast listening workflow, the RSS feed URL is:

You can learn more about this new podcast by listening to the first episode "Welcome to Tech Aloud". I've also written a post on the SAP Community about this podcast, which provides a bit more context: "Tech Aloud podcast - an introduction". Moreover, I'm encouraging folks to submit content suggestions during the SAP TechEd Barcelona week in this post: "Submit suggestions for Tech Aloud during SAP TechEd Barcelona".

I have a system for bookmarking articles and posts that I want to read, and this podcast is me basically dipping into that list, picking entries out that seem suitable for audio, and recording them as episodes in this new podcast. How do I pick which articles or posts to read aloud? Well, there are a few rules of thumb:

First, each audio episode should be fairly short (say, up to 10 minutes), so super long essays are not going to make the cut, no matter how interesting they are (I reserve the right to make exceptions, though!).

Second, the content must be mostly text; in other words, if it's code or diagram heavy, it's not going to translate well into a pure audio format.

And finally, the range of topics is wide, and basically whatever takes my fancy.

On that last point, I might even think about letting you submit requests (for certain articles or posts of your choosing to be included). More on that another time, perhaps.

Anyway, I've also created a GitHub repo to manage my activities relating to the production of this podcast - mainly listing the articles or posts that I want to read out loud, and which ones I've done in a project ("Episodes") in that repo.

Ok, one final note - my reading aloud of any given article or blog post does not represent any sort of endorsement from me - it's just that I find it interesting.

Oh yes, and don't forget to subscribe, and if you're subscribing to this one and interested in SAP tech, you should also subscribe to the Coffee Corner Radio podcast which has a whole host of great stuff on subjects within the SAP tech ecosphere.