YABP - Yet Another Blogging Platform

| 1 min read

I've been blogging since the end of 2000. In that time, I've moved platform a few times. I've gone from Blogger/Pyra back in the beginning, through Moveable Type, the wonderful Blosxom, and more, ending up most recently with WordPress.

I discovered Ghost a while back, and am using it to host another blog of mine - Language Ramblings. Its simplicity reminds me a lot of Blosxom, plus there's my composition language of choice built in - Markdown. So before embarking on some new blogging, I thought I'd change over from WordPress to Ghost, which, as you can see, I've done.

I've exported the content from my old platform and imported it here. I'm currently running the instance on a different port, locally on my server, and reverse-proxying the / path from my Apache install to it. There will be a few rough edges over the next few weeks, where I need to sort out relative paths for a lot of the URLs, so please bear with me. But I feel the effort will be worthwhile. The lack of friction I feel with the Ghost platform is definitely something I'm embracing.