Impromptu JS session at UKISUG15

| 2 min read

We’re hearing a lot about Fiori at #UKISUG15 this year, of course. Many of you (perhaps especially those reading this) realise that Fiori is built using the power of HTML5, and specifically with the UI5 toolkit. This means, amongst other things, JavaScript.

I was talking to my friend and colleague and fellow SAP Mentor Chris Kernaghan on the evening of Day 1 about levelling up in JavaScript, and had planned to go through some JavaScript goodness with him during the conference. But then I thought it might be fun for others to come along too. So here’s the (rough) plan:

– meet at the Bluefin Solution stand on the show floor on Tue 24 Nov (last day of #UKISUG15) at 1300 (should give you time to grab a bit of lunch first) if you’re interested in coming along (that’s TODAY, folks!)

– we’ll find (or will have found) a room to use – probably Level 5 Hall 8b (the SAP Mentors Track room)

– the session will be between 30 and 45 mins max

This session will be for those already with some basic JavaScript skills, and / or those interested in using JavaScript to manipulate data inside an SAP Fiori app. Even if you have no JavaScript skills, you might find it interesting. And if you don’t, you can always just laugh at me.

The session is titled “Programming in a more functional style in JavaScript” and we’ll go through handling and manipulating data from a running Fiori app. Handling and manipulating data like this is a common use case. Becoming more familiar with doing this will help you build your skills and confidence in the future normal of SAP frontend development. Learning to do this in a functional way will give you a basis to write more solid and reliable code.

See you at the Bluefin stand at 1300 today!