Making Information More Useful

| 1 min read

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve followed a “what is this?” type link from something I’ve written.

I recently wrote about trying to become more effective and efficent in “The Maker’s Schedule, Restraint and Flow” and in that post I referred to a video of a great talk by Scott Hanselman, in which he talks (in the “Conserve Your Keystrokes” section) about preventing information getting lost and having less value, by being trapped in emails when it could be shared and repurposed.

So when I find myself replying to an email, and writing more than a few sentences, I’m trying instead to store that reply, that infomation, in a place where it will live longer, and have the chance to help folks other beyond the original email addressee. And after storing that information, I just send a link to that place instead.

Thanks for reading!