This Week In Fiori (2015-11)

| 1 min read

Well hello again and welcome to TWIF readers old and new alike.

Last year I started the “This Week In Fiori” (TWIF) series looking at news, events and articles in the Fiori world. The last post (2014-43) was in October 2014, written by Brenton O’Callaghan.

The Fiori world is growing and spinning even faster, and Brenton and I decided it was time to pick up where we left off. To get the ball rolling, we recorded a half-hour session at the end of this week, looking at some news in the Fiori world. This time we took a more technical flavour, remembering that Fiori is UX, but built ultimately built with UI (see “Can I Build A Fiori App? Yes You Can!” for more on Fiori UX vs UI) – there are always two sides to any single coin.

If you have any news, or any suggestions for future TWIF episode topics, just let us know!

Here’s this week’s episode. Thanks Brenton!

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