SAP ICF course marketing: video!

| 1 min read

I dropped by Madlab and the Omniversity yesterday evening to see Hwayoung and Dave and talk about the upcoming Web Programming with the SAP Internet Communication Framework course in early March. (Sign up!)

In preparation for the previous instance of the course last year, we shot a video with yours truly explaining what the course was about and why you should attend.

Omniversity : Web Programming with SAP’s Internet Communication Framework from Madlab on Vimeo.

Madlab have their own semi-resident video expert and in the run up to the next course we’re going to shoot a new video with lots of exciting content! Well, I guess you might call it exciting if you are into SAP tech and seeing debugging activity in slow motion.

Anyway, watch this space – next week I’m over at Madlab again for the shoot. Perhaps I should get a haircut. Or a wig.