SAP Developer Center

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At SAP TechEd Madrid 2011 I stopped by booth 104 in the Technology Innovation area of Hall 10 after lunch and chatted to David Brutman, from SAP’s Technology and Innovation Platform Marketing. SAP already have enjoyed tremendous success in terms of takeup and social engagement with their SAP Community Network (which grew from the original SAP Developer Network) but until now, there hasn’t been a consistent place for developers to go and enjoy “Discover, Learn, Build” activities. In other words, while there has been a huge amount of two-way discussion and sharing of ideas amongst the wider developer community, the next step — to be fair, a parallel step — is to offer a resource centre for developers who want to Get On And Do It.

[![]( "David Brutman")]( Brutman - Technology Platforms Developer Programs
Tangible at this year’s TechEd is the explosion of concepts, tools and technologies all fighting for primary position in the finite developer mindspace. HANA, NetWeaver Gateway, SUP, and the rest. And perhaps I’m not a typical developer these days, but I’m looking for guidance: some focused documentation, some tutorials, and perhaps most importantly, a platform to try this stuff out on.

Enter the SAP Developer Center (I’ll keep to the US spelling of this for consistency!) – which is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for. It’s not live yet, but when it is (we’re talking 1Q12), it looks to be a killer resource centre. Right now it’s in beta testing, specifically with HANA. Think / with a cloud-based offering of trial instances on demand. A go-to resource centre for building your skills in the new era of SAP’s technology platform.

Sounds good? I think it sounds great! Look out for it appearing as part of the SAP Community Network soon.

Update 06 Feb 2012: See the article “What Would You Like To Develop Today?” in the Jan 2012 edition of SAP Insider for more on The Developer Center.