My browser A-Z

| 2 min read

Inspired by a post “Letter Sweep” by Tim Bray, here’s my browser A-Z, a list of the URLs that appear when the browser tries to guess, on a single letter press, where I want to go, based on past locations.

A: – unsurprising, as I’m a big fan of Google’s App Engine.

B: – where I go to get the news, although mostly I listen to Radio 4 via my Squeezebox Radio.

C: – Michelle and I are taking a holiday in Norfolk later this month.

D: – I’m a big Google Docs user.

E: – where I go for some excellent ERP / SAP banter.

F: – I’ve been on Flickr for as long as I can remember.

G: – well, duh!

H: – interesting! Isn’t using the scheme in the URL cheating?

I: – we’re Lovefilm members, but I still use IMDB for film geekery.

J: jsonformatter.curiousconcept.comJSON is my poison, and this excellent site is the sweetener.

K: – where I manage my Kindle. I think this is linked to K as I have a bookmark titled “K” pointing here.

L: – essential!

M: – even more essential! Also, perhaps more alarming, Untappd is the only site that appears more than once, apart from Google’s home page.

N: – where I do some of my banking. National Westminster Bank.

O: – The Manchester Digital Laboratory’s Omniversity. Excellent!

P: – my main domain.

Q: – not been here for a while, this was a general play area on App Engine.

R: router – my Vigor router, to do the occasional port management.

S: – old but still ‘lesenswert’.

T: – I’m a fan of Seesmic’s web client, but still use the mothership app for lookups and the like.

U: – ahem. Beer ahoy!

V: vmlu02:8080 – one of my servers; a virtual machine running on a micro-desktop on the shelves behind me. This is a port where I have an App Engine dev server listening.

W: – three out of three!

X: nothing!

Y: – I thought I was happy when the interweb was just text. But I was wrong.

Z: zino:9000 – zino is the micro-desktop that hosts vmlu02. Listening on port 9000 is my Squeezebox server.