One way of dealing with blogtheft from SDN - through images

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I’m sure you’re all aware of the recent #blogtheft issue – where some rogue has been lifting content lock stock and barrel from here and reproducing it – sans author name – on their website Stop Thief – It’s #blogtheft! and Stolen Content have blogged about it here already.

In Craig’s Friday Morning Report yesterday, I suggested:

13:32 qmacro: get SAP hosting to send alternative “STOLEN!” images to rogue referrer – Google “image theft apache” for examples

and straight after the conference call finished, I thought I’d demo how that could be done. I implemented such a mechanism for images on an SDN blog post of mine, images that just happened to be hosted on my machine. I wrote about how that was done in a weblog post:

Dealing with “#blogtheft” from SAP’s Developer Network

This morning, @thorstenster alerted me to the fact that SAP have now implemented this for images hosted here on SDN:

Now that’s a great reaction! Kudos to the SAP Community Network hackers who look after the servers here. To implement something like that in such a short space of time and on the production servers … I take my hat off to you folks. Well done.

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