SAP everywhere!

| 1 min read

I remember back in the ’90s joking with my friend Piers

When I see the first book on SAP hit the bookstores, it’s time to move on :-)

In those days there were no books on SAP, and I was still in shock from receiving SAP documentation properly printed and bound — in the early days we had SAP install guides on green and white striped fanfold paper from daisywheel printers, with sentences literally half in German, half in English.

How things have changed. Beyond the SAP Developer Network, which I can proudly say I had a hand in forming and nurturing, I’ve just seen a video on YouTube by Jon Reed on how to find and follow SAP people on Twitter! I’ve also just added myself to the SAP Affinity Group. A long way from SAP-R3-L!

Perhaps it’s time to rebuild Planet SAP?