Back from Real Life

| 1 min read

I’m back online, after an eXtended Away in Real Life. I don’t think my online presence will ever be what it was (I can’t believe how much I posted in the past few years) but blogging isn’t the same anyway. Even the new UK edition of Wired magazine (I’ve subscribed, btw) lists blogging under “Tired”. Now there’s microblogging ( and Twitter spring to mind immediately) and people seem to be emailing each other on Facebook these days! That’s the equivalent of the heinous corporate crime of using Excel for everything, like sending screenshots to each other, or writing simple lists (shudder).

What’s more, my son Joseph is online now too, complete with blog, & Twitter accounts, and more!

Anyway, I’ve got myself a local copy of WordPress, and am slowly retrieving my past with the help of The Wayback Machine. It’s a slow and not entirely painless process, but I’m getting there. I’m doing a month at a time, and am up to Jan 2003. Nothing’s properly categorised or tagged yet, nor are all the links working perfectly. There are even some posts that aren’t properly datestamped yet! More importantly, I haven’t yet put the mod_rewrite magic in place to reduce the 404s that I’m seeing in my HTTP access log.

Watch this space.