SAP and Open Source: the debate continues

| 1 min read

I wrote a blog entry on SDN almost two weeks ago entitled “SAP and Open Source: an analysis and letter to SAP and Shai“. It followed the flurry of comment that was made after Shai made some alarming statements regarding SAP and Open Source at the Churchill Club. My angle was that Shai was complaining that people were twisting his words and taking what he said out of context, so I transcribed the MP3 recording of what he said, and it was worrying reading, even when you ignored his statements on “IP socialism” and innovation (I concentrated on the source code context).

Anyway, I’m glad to say that the conversation is still continuing, as it needs to. Shai hasn’t responded yet, but I won’t hold my breath. There have been (other) SAP employees that have given their comments, which I value greatly. If you’ve got something to add, don’t forget to add your comment to the post! There are a handful of critical debates for people to have in the SAP world. Critical for SAP, and critical for us. Open Source is one of those debates.

Update: Discussion about Open Source covers the current top three weblog posts on SDN right now. That said, Shai still hasn’t responded.