SDN Meets Labs

| 1 min read

Rain. Lots of it. And I drove through it all this morning, all the way down the A61, to get to SAP University in Rot, near Walldorf. I’m at the SDN Meets Labs event that’s taking place today and tomorrow. The event is a part of the SAP NetWeaver Technology Tour, which serves to bring together SAP technologies and SAP hackers (inside and outside of SAP) in the style of a mini-conference.

The event is just getting underway, and thankfully, this time, there’s access to the interweb available to one and all.

Right now Klaus Kreplin, an SDN bigwig, is talking about ROI and NetWeaver, and the reality of IT. It’s a similar presentation, using some of the same slides, as the one that Shai Agassi gave at TechEd last year in Munich. So I don’t have to concentrate too much right now.

But a quick glance at the sessions that are coming up, I’ll have to get my brain in gear. Actually, another glance around the auditorium just now and it’s full to overflowing. Excellent. Lots of chat and geek-exchanges to come, I hope.

Anyway, I’ve added some photos of the opening day (pictures from registration) to the SAP Developer Network group at Flickr.

By the way, I’m sure that one of the chaps sitting over to my right is Frank Koehntopp – Frank – is that you? Perhaps I’ll ask him via the IRC backchannel for this event – which is the #sdnmeetslabs channel on See you there!