Postcode bookmarklet

| 1 min read

We’ve been spending time recently looking at property in the North West. I found myself often cutting and pasting a property’s postcode from the property particulars page into Multimap to see exactly where it was.

I’d been meaning to get around to making that easier when I saw Erik Benson point at FlickReplacr, a cool bookmarklet toy. I had a look at the Javascript inside, and on seeing this bit,

var g=window.getSelection();

I realised that it was exactly what I could use to make my postcode lookups smoother.

So herewith a little bookmarklet: [Postcode](javascript:location.href=''+encodeURIComponent(window.getSelection())). As with other bookmarklets, just drag this link to your toolbar; then whenever you see a postcode on a page, select it with the mouse, and click the bookmarklet.