Ralphm on sjabber

| 1 min read

sjabber running on a Wyse terminal

I had a nice conversation with Ralph Meijer this afternoon; he had grabbed a very old program that I’d written — sjabber, a console-based Jabber groupchat client — because he’d been having some issues with his current client.

As Ralph explained in his blog just now, it only took a single-line modification to get it up and running with the newer mu-conference protocol. And if you look at the line:

Type => 'headline', # why did I do this?

it was fairly questionable, even to me, from the start ;-) (The line was commented out.) Clearly it should have been ‘groupchat’ from the beginning. Early days…

BTW, Ralph’s speaking this weekend at FOSDEM, in Brussels. Irritatingly I’m otherwise engaged on the Saturday and can’t make it then; but I’m hoping to be able to pop down in the car on the Sunday and spend the day there. It’s a great event.