SAP at JAX 2004

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My friend Matthew Langham reports on SAP at JAX 2004 in Frankfurt (Matthew is giving a total of three sessions at JAX). It’s not that SAP hasn’t had a presence at other non-SAP events before now; it’s just great to see that SAP is getting involved in the communities that support it.

Ivo Totev gave a keynote today: SAP goes J2EE, and there are three other sessions from SAP people:

  • Logging and Tracing in Big Applications (Martin Stein)
  • Erstellung von Web-Applikationen auf Basis Service-orientierter Architekturen (Karin Schattka)
  • JMX, Teil 1: Monitoring von J2EE-Applikationen (Gregor Frey)

I only wish I could have been there.

Nice one, folks!

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