Evaluation WAS 6.40 on Linux - top reason for attending CeBIT 2004

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Ahh, it’s always great to be able to attend the world’s biggest ICT (information and communication technology) fair – CeBIT. And of course being an SAP hacker, it goes without saying that a visit to the SAP stand is a must.

I was there way back when, with colleagues and friends – among them my SAP hacking partner-in-crime Piers, on the historical occasion of SAP’s CeBIT announcement of R/3 on Linux. We were even so geeky as to take a picture recording the event, under the watchful eye of Tux the Linux penguin mascot.

Anyway, one big reason to visit Hannover in March is because SAP is intending to make available a new version of the Linux-based evaluation WAS system, at release 6.40, including the all-important ABAP stack. Thanks SAP, especially the Linux Lab folks and also those at SAP who bore the brunt of my recent emails about this – you know who you are 😉


For references, have a look at the comments thread to Visiting SAP NetWeaver Development Nerve Center, specifically this message. Also, Alexander H from the Linux Lab was kind enough to send this reply to an email on the linux.general mailing list.

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