SAP InfoTag on Web Application Server

| 1 min read

SAP are running an Infotag on the Web Application Server in early September. It’s in Ratingen (Duesseldorf), just around the corner – literally, in fact – from where I used to hack on R/2 at Mitsubishi.

As it’s just down the road from me, I might go. Then again, how much of it is going to be yet more marketing of the NetWeaver flavour? You can’t tell these days. There’s an interesting couple of things on the agenda:

13:30 Projekterfahrungen zum SAP Web AS
* Ein Bericht des SAP Consulting


14:30 Live-Präsentation
* Web-Entwicklung mit dem SAP Web AS unter Java und ABAP

so perhaps I’ll go just for the afternoon.

Now, if I can persuade my wife that it’s worth the EUR 150 attendance fee they’re asking. Hmm, if I just go for the afternoon and miss the lunch, perhaps it would be less 😉

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