Google Pocket Guide out now

| 1 min read

I don’t think I mentioned it directly here (perhaps partly a cause and effect of the recent blogging hiatus) but the Google Pocket Guide has recently been released. Hurrah! It’s a book I worked on with Rael and Tara (nice work, you two!). Talking to people at O’Reilly last week at OSCON, it seems the guide is selling well. Hurrah again!

It was a very interesting time. Rather than mainly authoring, most of my work was editing, restructuring, and adding some new content. In the past, I have denied the existence of a somewhat strenuous attention to prose detail, but I guess I finally have to admit that it’s there. I really enjoyed the challenge, although it was hard work using a combination of Open Office‘s word processing program and MS-Word. Give me DocBook and a proper editor any day (I wrote Programming Jabber this way).