Your wishlist in 'consumable' XML

| 1 min read

While experimenting with wishlist data, it occurred to me that it might be desirable to have one’s wishlist exposable directly from a URL, and in a consumable format. This would lend itself quite nicely to URL pipelining.

I hacked up a very simple module, WWW::Amazon::Wishlist::XML (keeping to the original namespace in CPAN) which acts as an Apache handler so you can plug your wishlist ID (mine’s 3G7VX6N7NMGWM) in and get some basic XML out, in a simple HTTP GET request.

Here’s an example:

Note the ‘uk’ part in the path. It signifies that the wishlist is held at If held at, specify ‘com’, like this:

It uses the patched version of WWW::Amazon::Wishlist so should be ok for now with .com-based wishlists too. Of course, it’s experimental anyway (as are most of the things I post here) and is likely to explode without warning.