Moving from description to content:encoded in my RSS 1.0 feed

| 1 min read

After spotting a comment on #rdfig regarding the contents of my RSS 1.0 feed’s <description>, I decided to take the plunge and use the draft part of RSS 1.0’s mod_content module, namely the content:encoded property, to hold the entity-encoded weblog item content. (The description element itself in core 1.0 is optional, and although I’m omitting it for now, I’m still uneasy about it – ideally I’ll have a text-only abstract and be a good RSS citizen).

This is something that Jon, Sam and others have done already. While Timothy Appnel asks a good question, I’ll address it here at a later stage as Blosxom entity-encodes my HTML for me (i.e. there’s not much point trying to XSL-Transform it back).

So I have modified the RSS 1.0 feed for this site to use content:encoded with a stylesheet slightly modified from last time.