Small Blagg mod to enable custom formatting of 'blaggregated' items

| 1 min read

Well, further to the little formatting blaggplug I wrote yesterday to reformat the blaggregated items for my Morning Reading, I decided to go a step further and add a tiny template mechanism to Blagg so that this sort of formatting change could be done in-the-style-of Blosxom, that is, by allowing Blagg to format the items as before, or overriding that format using an HTML file in my Blosxom blog directory.

So in the same way that Blosxom users can tune the format of the stories by maintaining a story.html file in their blog directory, now I can tune the format of items that Blagg spits out, by maintaining a blaggitem.html file in the same directory.

Of course, this is an unofficial mod to Blagg, but if you’re interested, it’s here, and for those with a ‘diff’ bent, the differences to the original 0+4i version are highlighted here (the diff also highlights the passing of the extra $i_fn parm in the call to blaggplug::post(), as well as config variable changes peculiar to me).