HTML LINK to RSS source

| 1 min read

I’m doing my bit for the weblog community domino effect. Mark, and others, have addedtags to their weblog HTML, to point to the RSS feeds for the respective weblogs. I think this is a good idea, so have done it too in this, my Blosxom-powered weblog.

I do remember sitting in on an RSS BOF at last year’s OSCON where we discussed the idea of having an index.rss at the website’s root, rather like the robots.txt file. Thisbased pointing is a nicer approach, as there’s an explicit relationship between the RSS XML and what it describes.

What’s more, Mark has a nifty bit of Javascript that grabs any RSS URL that it finds in this newhome, and bungs it at Radio Userland‘s localhost-based webserver invoking a subscribe on that RSS feed. Very nice. I don’t run RU, nor use IE much, but nevertheless this would work, even with Blosxom, because I’m running bladder :-)