Bring on the SSI

| 1 min read

As a kid, I used to regularly re-arrange my bedroom at home, not because I was unhappy with the layout, but simply because I could. I think this trait has remained with me, as I’ve just completed a bit of a shake-up of this weblog, or rather, the mechanism(s) that make up this weblog.

I wrote earlier about hacking support for lists into Blosxom, so I could generate simple list files and Blosxom would format them nicely and fold them into the blog output for me. I decided that I wanted to go on using vanilla Blosxom, rather than a custom one, and achieve the list display another way. So I’ve turned things around, and am now running Blosxom as nature intended, and have included the output in the framework you see here via SSI. The rest of the lists and tables are also SSIncluded files.

The main drive for this change was to be able to more easily incorporate the latest ‘hack’ which you can see to the right – a calendar showing the current month, with links to posts on relevant days. This idea is of course not new, and can be seen on many a Radio Userland powered weblog. The calendar here is generated by HTMLifying the output of ‘cal’ and looking through Blosxom’s data directory at the timestamps of the .txt files I’ve created. Simple.

As you can see, this blog’s location –


is new, and easy to remember. The content and CGI scripts are actually served from my ~dj directory on; the ‘qmacro’ name is masking this by means of some AliasMatch directives in our Apache web server.