My bookmarks

| 1 min read

The essence of Blosxom, using basic tools and OS-level building blocks, inspires one to keep things simple, and celebrate the humble file as the lowest common denominator for data interchange. Now that I’ve got the possibility of including lists of things on this page (or on other blog pages, for that matter), I’ve managed to address a ‘problem’ I’ve had for a while in a really simple way. I have a bookmark folder in my Galeon web browser called ‘to read’ where I keep references to articles that I want to print out and read (on the train, mostly) – most of the time, though, I don’t have access to a printer.

With a simple script, I just parse Galeon’s bookmark file to pull out the items in the ‘to read’ folder, and make them into a simple list, which I then drop into my file area reserved for Blosxom. A simple reference to this list in the template, and ecce, I have my ‘to read’ list available on every workstation I sit down at.