30 Days of UI5 — Day 1 by DJ Adams

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UI5, the collective short name for both SAPUI5 and OpenUI5, is soon to reach a milestone, with the release of 1.30. There’s already a preview release available.

The UI Development Toolkit for HTML5, to give it its proper long-form Culture-style name, has come a long way in the last few years. It’s a multi-faceted tookit that shows pedigree, passion and influence from many directions. From the web dynpro inspired design roots,  through the hard work and commitment from all the great designers and developers, to the exemplary responsive controls we have come to know and love in the sap.m library and beyond.

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And of course there’s the open sourcing of the toolkit, a great move on SAP’s part, influenced not in a small way by many developers both external and internal to SAP. Many of the UI5 core team have open source in their blood, part of a new generation that is making SAP what it is today.

Where would SAP Fiori be without UI5? Nowhere. The engine behind the UX revolution that is powering today’s and tomorrow’s SAP applications (with S/4HANA) is UI5.

As Norman Cook might say, “You’ve come a long way, baby“.

So as a bit of fun, and to celebrate this version 1.30 milestone, here’s a series of 30 posts, one a day, on UI5 related topics. Small posts from me and some guest authors, designed to be read during a quick coffee break. Nothing earth shattering, but hopefully things that will whet your appetite for further reading, and perhaps bring to your attention features that you might not yet have had a chance to consider.

(This series is also available online, for the Kindle, at Amazon: 30 Days of UI5: Celebrating SAPUI5 and OpenUI5’s milestone 1.30 release in Autumn 2015.)

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The Series

Day 1 – Welcome to 30 Days of UI5! by DJ Adams (this post)
Day 2 – Expression Binding by DJ Adams
Day 3 – Semantic Pages by DJ Adams
Day 4 – Creating Native Applications with UI5 by John Murray
Day 5 – OpenUI5 Walkthrough by DJ Adams
Day 6 – The App Descriptor by Thilo Seidel
Day 7 – JavaScript Do’s and Don’ts for UI5 by DJ Adams
Day 8 – User Notifications with the Message Popover by Sean Campbell
Day 9 – Bootstrapping UI5 Locally and in the Cloud by DJ Adams
Day 10 – Handling Dates with the Date Picker by James Hale
Day 11 – Lightweight Notifications with the Message Strip by DJ Adams
Day 12 – Base Classes in UI5 by Thilo Seidel
Day 13 – Multi-language support out of the box – UI5’s pedigree by DJ Adams
Day 14 – Speeding up your app with a Component preload file  by John Murray
Day 15 – The UI5 Support Tool – Help Yourself! by DJ Adams Day 16 – UI5 and Coding Standards by DJ Adams Day 17 – UI5 and Fiori – The Story of Open and Free by John Appleby
Day 18 – MVC – Model View Controller, Minimum Viable Code by DJ Adams
Day 19 – A Short UI5 Debugging Journey by DJ Adams
Day 20 – Fragments and Minimum Viable Code by DJ Adams Day 21 – Spreading the UI5 Message by DJ Adams
Day 22 – Merging Lists with UI5 by Chris Choy
Day 23 – Taming the Resource Model Files by Nathan Adams
Day 24 – An introduction to sap.ui.define by DJ Adams
Day 25 – The experimental Client operation mode by DJ Adams
Day 26 – UI5 – looking back and forward by DJ Adams
Day 27 – A non-techie PM’s view of UI5 by Jon Gregory
Day 28 – UI5 Version Info by DJ Adams
Day 29 – Revisiting the XML Model by DJ Adams
Day 30 – The origin of becoming a fundamental enabler for Fiori by Sam Yen